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AAC Condemns Burmese (Myanmar) Military for War Crimes & Genocide in the Arakan State

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

After blocking internet access in the northern part of the Arakan state and Chin state, the Burmese (Myanmar) army has launched deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilians, abducted, arbitrary detained innocent civilians, and destroyed many villages. Many of these crimes were perpetrated as part of widespread and systematic attacks against civilian populations, and  therefore constitute crimes against humanity.

The people in the Arakan (Rakhine) state are living with a relentless fear of death and persecution under the growing threats of the brutal Burmese army. The Burmese regime has continued to bomb schools and public areas. Artillery-fire hit the school wounded 19 children in the village of Khamwe Chaung in Buthidaung Township on February 13, 2020.

The humanitarian situation in the Arakan state is now alarming with thousands of people displaced from their homes, and more than 120,000 IDPs. They are staying in a worsening condition in the Arakan state. The government has deliberately ignored the plight of victims and denied humanitarian access to displaced people.  As of today, the civilians continue to be killed, arrested, tortured with widespread human rights violations and abuses. We do not know accurately how many people have died, how many villages have been destroyed, how many people are missing, and how many people have runways. We know that there is terrible secrecy and silence over the Arakan state under the Burmese government and inhumane Burmese military taking over in the Arakan state.

The Arakan American Community condemns the Burmese military and government for continued and broadened killing of civilians including children, for committing war crimes and genocide in the Arakan State, and strongly urges the United Nations and the international communities to do the following:

Stop all military action in the Arakan State

Restore internet and all communication services to the public in the Arakan State

Provide humanitarian aid to the displaced civilians

Provide INGOs and the Humanitarian Organizations full access to the displaced populations and allow them to help the civilians in conflict areas

We urge the United Nations and international governments to put diplomatic pressure on Burmese government to investigate these abuses by the military force, and identify specific units involved. We request protection of all communities from genocide and war crimes in the Arakan state.

Information Department Arakan American Community (AAC)

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